SecureBuy has worked in collaboration with its client, Prociant™, to develop the next generation of Chargeback Management system. Prociant's™ automated Chargeback Management System was "built by merchants for merchants." Prociant Intuitive Chargeback Solutions


Chargeback and Retrieval Rules and Processes are complicated. Chargeback Rules change frequently requiring constant training of specialized personnel - this will be further exacerbated by the EMV liability shift, and related chargeback changes. EMV implementation will also shift chargebacks between acceptance channels (bricks and mortar, ecomm, omnichannel). Payment Systems are esoteric to Merchants’ core business models. Chargebacks and Retrieval processing is even farther removed from a Merchants’ core business models.

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Direct connection to card brand rails (AMEX and Discover currently, working on Visa and MC). CBMS is a rules based engine that determines the data required to rebut/reverse chargebacks and respond to retrieval requests. Direct Access to Merchant Data required to process chargebacks and retrieval requests. Cutting Edge Chargeback Knowledge. Automatically Processes ALL Chargebacks on time (note merchants may wish to be involved in merchandise / customer service related chargebacks). Full Outsource Solution for Chargebacks and Retrievals.


Prociant™ is the result of merchants coming together to streamline a tedious and labor intensive problem in the credit card payment system.

Instead of coping with this system individually, a group of merchants decided to work together on streamlining the workflow and making sure that issuing banks and card-brands are complying with their own rules and regulations – there’s just too much money involved to trust the card brands to properly police their own Chargeback and Retrieval system. These merchants are a cross industry representation; and together they created a Business Requirement Document (BRD).

We are proud to say that Prociant™ was created by merchants for merchants.


Prociant consist of several proprietary engines all working together to create the first and only fully automatic, intuitive Chargeback and Retrieval Response Solution.

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